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SwarmFarm is an Australian company leading the development of agricultural robots for crop production.


We’re developing a new operating system for agriculture. Our machines are empowering farmers with new technology, so they can deploy new farming methods and field practices to revolutionise food production. Our robots are transforming farming systems from the ground up, with a delivery platform to introduce new farming methods and techniques that are only possible onboard a robot.


We’re one of the few companies worldwide with real robots, already working on farms. SwarmFarm robots are not simply a driverless tractor that automates existing field operations. We believe that robots are the obvious progression after the tractor.


They are lightweight, efficient and autonomous machines loaded with technology that allows new methods of farming that is simply not possible on the back of a tractor. Capable of operating at optimal speed and whenever the conditions are suitable for the specific operation, SwarmBots can work on their own or co-operatively as a ‘swarm’ of units across the landscape.


After several years of research and development, SwarmFarm is now delivering commercial machines to farmers across Australia and is seeking partners who support this rollout.


Watch more of the SwarmFarm vision below!

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