Our Vision

Small Machines.   Big Technology.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

To meet the needs of a rapidly growing human population, we need to grow more food than ever before.
So we are making our machinery bigger than ever before.

But what if we stopped making things bigger and just made them smarter?

What if that little engine that could … became the machine that did?

This is what drives us.  We know robotic technology holds the key to the future of farming and we want to bring it to you.

“If i had asked people
what they wanted,
they would have said
faster horses.”

Henry Ford

Media Release

PWC leads Capital raise

Be part of the robotic revolution of global agriculture

View full Media Release – 26/01/2018

View article in the Australian Financial Review


Swarmfarm is excited to announce a new partnership with Bosch Australia to develop the next generation of agricultural robots aimed at transforming the way farmers manage their crops.

View full Media Release – 6/11/17



Global crop protection specialists ADAMA and Australian ag-tech company SwarmFarm Robotics have announced a joint arrangement to establish ADAMA as SwarmFarm’s preferred global business partner.


Our Swarms

Small, Simple machines that do simple tasks very well.

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Technology from the soil up, solving real problems
Mechatronics / Software / Mechanical Engineers (someone who lives and breathes robots …)

We’re a small team with a big goal!
If you can dazzle us with your talent, passion and potential, you’ll get to work on one of the most exciting projects around!

We are always on the lookout for passionate, talented people, so please drop us a line.

It’s a dream job for an engineer. There’s no better opportunity to work with a robotics system, out in the field, solving real world problems, that have not been attempted before.

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We’re currently recruiting for a SwarmKeeper to join our team to lead our software development.

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