Our Vision

Small Machines.   Big Technology.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

To meet the needs of a rapidly growing human population, we need to grow more food than ever before.
So we are making our machinery bigger than ever before.


But what if we stopped making things bigger and just made them smarter?

What if that little engine that could … became the machine that did?

This is what drives us.  We know robotic technology holds the key to the future of farming and we want to bring it to you.

“If i had asked people
what they wanted,
they would have said
faster horses.”

Henry Ford

Media Release

Global crop protection specialists ADAMA and Australian ag-tech company SwarmFarm Robotics have announced a joint arrangement to establish ADAMA as SwarmFarm’s preferred global business partner.

Our Swarms

Small, Simple machines that do simple tasks very well.

See them in action





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We spoke at the following events:


The 2016 GRDC Grains Research Update, Perth will be held on Monday, 29th February and Tuesday, 1st March, 2016


The 2016 event will again be hosted at the RACV Royal Pines Resort…. read more

SwarmFarm® Robotics Commercial Launch 22/03/2016


Announcing our Sponsors

Other Media


ABC Landline

Sun 20th September 2015, 12pm, Landline airs this Sunday. Click to view more ..



Fri 30th October 2015, CEO to address CEDA Trustee Boardroom in Brisbane. Click to read more …


Global Food Forum

Wed 15th April 2015, 8am-5.30pm, Palladium at Crown Melbourne. Click to read more ..


MobileTech 2015

21-22 April 2015, Gold Coast, Qld. Andrew will be speaking at 10.50am on 22nd. Click for more ..


2nd-6th February, 2015, in Sydney. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. Click to read more ..


The 2015 conference will be held on Friday, February 27 2015. Click image to read more ..


Thursday 7th Aug – 8.45am
Gold Coast Convention Centre

Thursday 4th Sept – 7am
Glenvale Rooms, Toowoomba Showgrounds

Grains Research and Development Corporation
Issue 113 November-December 2014


Read reviews and comments from leading Industry Professionals
regarding SwarmFarm and the future of robotic farming:


Swarmfarm has been nominated as a Top Australian Startup in 2015. Click to read more ..


“weed swatting robot will go into commercial trial” – Andrew Bate, 4th February 2015


“Small electrical buggies are the future of weed control. ” — Dr. David Ball, QUT


“Small means little or no soil compaction, so farmers can reclaim their paddocks. ” — Andrew Bate, SwarmFarm Robotics



“What we are looking at is swarms of small, lightweight machines that work together in a cooperative team. So instead of one large tractor you might have six small ones about the size of a ride on lawn mower.” — Andrew Bate, SwarmFarm Robotics


“world-first project … aims to revolutionise broad acre farming” — Professor Gordon Wyeth, QUT

In an attempt to transform the farming industry, Queensland-based startup SwarmFarm Robotics has agreed to a partnership with Westpac Agribusiness to develop robot technology for the farm. Read More…



“Replace big, heavy machinery with small, lightweight, co-operative intelligent robots” – Dr. David Ball, QUT


Our Partners

About Us

Andrew Bate

Founding Director

The vision to develop robotic farming technology came from innovative grain and cattle farmer Andrew Bate. Andrew has spent a life time in agriculture; he has trained as an agronomist, and farms near Emerald, Central Queensland Australia. Andrew is passionate about ensuring the future generations of farmers have a vibrant, economic, and sustainable future in the cropping industry. Andrew graduated from the University of Queensland with an Assoc. Dip App Science – Agronomy. He is a mentor on the Westpac Business of Tomorrow Program.



Campbell Newman

Board Chairman

Campbell may have been a former Premier of Queensland and Lord Mayor of Brisbane but he has a passion and commitment to agriculture that spans 40 years. Growing up in northern Tasmania he was fully involved with the operations of the family farm and earned his first pay packet irrigating potatoes. After his time as an Army Engineer he worked as the General Manager Operations of Grainco Australia running the companies grain storage and handling infrastructure across central and southern Queensland. Campbell firmly believes that robotic technology will transform agriculture, delivering higher productivity, lower costs, reduced environmental impacts and more sustainable management of the land. He has an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering (UNSW) and an MBA in Financial Management (UQ).

Jocie Bate

Founding Director
Chief Financial Officer

Jocie is a founding director of SwarmFarm Robotics and has life time experience in agriculture. She grew up on a sheep and beef cattle operation south-west of Blackall, Queensland Australia. She has trained as an agricultural economist and has many years’ experience in agricultural consulting, rural finance and grain farming. Jocie graduated from the University of New England, Armidale with a Degree in Agricultural Economics.

Neville Crook

Business Development

Neville also has a life time of experience in agriculture. He has 20 years experience as an agronomist in cotton, grain and horticulture. For the last 10 years he has worked as a finance and agribusiness consultant. Neville has also grown irrigated cotton and currently produces table grapes, hay and cattle on his farm near Emerald, Central Queensland Australia. Neville graduated from the University of Queensland, Gatton with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Rural Technology.




Future Recruiting!


Mechatronics / Software / Mechanical Engineers (someone who lives and breathes robots …)

We’re a small team with a big goal!
If you can dazzle us with your talent, passion and potential, you’ll get to work on one of the most exciting projects around!

We are always on the lookout for passionate, talented people, so please drop us a line.

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